Review: Knight Rider


russo.pngOverall, it was good, but far from great. It wasn’t as bad as Bionic Woman, but not even close to BSG. Then again, the BSG “pilot” wasn’t astounding.

The Good:

The car. I loved Pontiac Firebirds, but this Mustang made a great KITT. It’s a sequel, not a remake, so having a different car isn’t a big deal.

Bruce Davison and Deanna Russo. They were excellent. Even when given cheezy dialog, they delivered excellent.

The story. It was a good story, a solid sequel. It was a nice way to show off the new KITT, and introduce us to the characters. Too bad it was executed poorly.

The Bad:

The story. I hated that they called the bad buys “Black River”. How much closer to ‘Black Water” can you get. Also, the whole $90,000 was cheesy and unnecessary.

Justin Bruening. He is a terrible “Micheal”. He needs to be replaced if this series is going to succeed.

Val Kilmer. I though I was going to like it, but it didn’t work. He doesn’t have the right type of voice to play the car.

If you missed the movie, you can view it below.