Review: Love to Love You Bradys


lovebradys-squareUp until now, “The Brady Bunch Hour” was one of those one-off shows that only Krofft-fanatics and Brady-ologists even remotely remembered…and many would have liked to forget. Variety shows in the 1970s were like reality-shows are today; occasionally there was a good one, but most of them were very bad. The Brady Hour was no exception.

I heard about this book (Love to Love You Bradys) two years ago when I was contacted by author Ted Nichelson. As a Krofft Fan, I was excited to hear a new book based on one of their properties was in the works, but at the same time wondered if was more a Brady book, than a Krofft book. The closer we got to the release, I started wondering if if my expectations were too high. I’m glad to say, they were too low.

brady-squaresI read this 300 page book in one sitting….I just couldn’t put it down. Nichelson’s over 7 years research and development pays off with a very engrossing, and well written book that pulls you in and won’t let you go. It’s a ‘coffee table book’, but structured well to tell a story from start to finish. What I found particularly interesting was the history of the show told from the writers’ point-of-view. Their insights provide us with a unique perspective of a Krofft production as well as 70s TV in general.

Being a coffee table book allows for lavish imagery throughout the book. Some pictures you’ve seen before, but more than not there is something new on every page. The show was such a visual experience that the photos are a must to experience the surreal-ality that was The Brady Hour. Also, the side notes by Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) really put it over the top.

If you have any interest in the Brady Bunch, Sid and Marty Krofft, or just TV show business in the 70s in general, this is the book to get. This is the story from start to finish on how the Brady Hour came to be, and how it faded away. I loved every minute of it…twice.