Sarah Jane Coming To SciFi Channel


sarahjane.jpgSciFi Channel has announced that “The Sarah Jane Adventures” is coming to SciFi in April. Sarah Jane is a young kids Doctor Who. It has been doing great ratings in the UK, and it should also do well in the US. SciFi Channel has:

The Sarah Jane Adventures is written and produced by the same creative team behind Doctor Who, including multiple-award-winning writer Russell T. Davies. The series centers on Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), former companion to the Doctor, who investigates offbeat mysteries with her young friends Maria, Luke and Clyde.

I was able to show my kids the first episode, and they loved it. They are fans of Who, so they couldn’t wait to see it. The article goes on to announce the obvious 4th season of Doctor Who being picked up by SciFi, which also starts in April.

The only issue I have is that BBC shows are cut for time (and content) when shown on the SciFi channel. It ruins Torchwood, and sometimes makes Who confusing. Hopefully cuts in Sarah Jane aren’t as obvious.