Seinfeld’s Bee Movie Gets a ‘B’


bmovieI’m a huge fan of Jerry Seinfeld. Next to Star Wars, the Seinfeld TV show is my favorite. Bee Movie wasn’t Seinfeld, but it was good.

First the not so good. Though only approx 85 minutes long, it seemed like 2 hours. The move took a while to get going. It didn’t seem to know what kind of a movie it wanted to be. At first, I didn’t know if it was fantasy ala Over The Hedge, or more of a story book like Shark Tale. It eventually settled into Shark Tale territory. Also, some of the stunt voice acting was distracting at times.

Now for the good. Once the movie settled into its surreal storybook, it was a delight to watch. All of the roundness and yellowness kept you glued to the screen. The 2 stunt castings that you thought would be most distracting actually weren’t. Jerry Seinfeld and Patrick Warburton were excellent. Warburton was an extreme version of David Puddy, and every time he was on screen the scene just hit.

There are plenty of laughs, and they are spread out nicely. After the uneven start, in progresses nicely. I give Bee Movie a glad-I-saw-it