SFGate Remembers “The Krofft Supershow”


wbkongsOver at SFGate.com, “The Krofft Supershow” is remembered the article “Gone But Not Forgotten: The Krofft Supershow”:

This video comes from a different time, when they still let packs of supervised kids march unsupervised next to the freeway (and down train tracks) in the name of marketing. It was promoting the beginning of the Krofft Supershow — and while it’s quite possible I was the only one watching, I’m going to write about it any way.

The Krofft Supershow started in 1976, a full year before “Star Wars” came out, and special effects were still in the let’s-stick-a-piece-of-cardboard-on-the-back-of-a-lizard-and-call-it-a-dinosaur era. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember Kaptain Kool and the Kongs — or maybe I’m just supressing the memory. They were later replaced with the Bay City Rollers, but I don’t remember them on this show either.

It’s great to see our beloved shows discussed throughout the mainstream web. Besides “Lidsville”, the Supershow was my favorite Krofft Show. My dad’s favorite was “Bigfoot and Wildboy”, and I loved “Doctor Shrinker”.

What was your favorite part of the Supershow?