Sigmund Coming To The Big Screen


sigmund290Long time readers of KROFFT.NET will know that my favorite Krofft show is “Lidsville“, but one that has always been in in my top 3 is “Sigmund and the Seamonsters“. During early press for “Land of the Lost“, Sid and Marty mentioned that their next project would be Sigmund. Now, news has come in the last week that we’ll be Sigmund and Johnny on the big screen soon. Variety is reporting:

Universal has cut a deal to mount a live-action film based on Sid and Marty Krofft’s ’70s kidshow “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.” The Kroffts will produce with Jimmy Miller and his Mosaic banner. Julie Darmody is executive producer. Script for “Sigmund” will be penned by Dana Gould, a writer-producer on “The Simpsons.”

This is great news. I’m comforted that a studio would greenlight the project before “Land of the Lost” has even been released. Dana Gould is a funny guy, but I’m not sure about his brand of humor. Most of his comedic writing experience comes from “The Simpsons”, and I don’t believe that type of humor will work with Sigmund.

But, that is what us old-school Krofft fans are supposed to do right? Cast doubt about the way our beloved memories are being handled. I blame it on George Lucas, and how he raped the memories of Star Wars. I think we all expect this to happen with Sid and Marty, and I keep telling myself to trust them and wait until I see the final product.

Of all the Krofft properties, I think Sigmund will appeal to children the most. It takes place in the “real world” (unlike Pufnstuf) and the main characters are kids. This type of story has been done before, but I believe the Krofft brothers can make it even more magical.

Let’s hope that Johnny Whitaker gets a cameo.