Sleestaks in Forbes


landofthelost90dvdWelcome Marshall, Wil and Holly! Sid and Marty Krofft have landed an article in Forbes in which they discuss their enthusiasm over the new “Land of the Lost” movie. Forbes also delves into Sid and Marty’s history, and gives this information on the movie:

The movie will preserve some of the campy aesthetic–the Sleestaks look much as they did 30 years ago–but little Holly has been replaced by a Cambridge-educated linguist in tight denim shorts. Ferrell is now a disgraced scientist instead of a park ranger, and the PG-13 rating means there’ll be one or two curse words.

Sid and Marty are getting a $1 million producer’s fee and 4% of the movie’s profits. Marty says someone’s already interested in making feature versions of Pufnstuf and Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. If he had listened to Sid, he says, they would have sold the rights to their shows long ago. Now he estimates those rights are worth $25 million. Among the people who offered to buy them out was pop singer Michael Jackson.

“Thank God that didn’t happen,” says Marty. “The minute you cash the check, then what? That’ll kill you in a month.”

In the article, there are very excited quotes from, of course, Sid who seems to be really enjoying his creations coming to life again. Believe it or not, this article renews my hopes in the new movie. This will “stretch their legacy to a new generation”. Anything that can achieve that purpose, I will support. Comments?

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