Smallville Season Finale: Phantom


Last night’s season finally of Smallville was a very full episode.  Though enjoyable, I think that they are going to far in trying to create tension or cliffhangers to keep us guessing.


First, was anyone fooled that Lana was in the truck, and is dead?  How convienent is that her vehicle was blocked from view just before it exploded.  Even though I wish she would die, she won’t.  Her character keeps the teen girl demographic, and isn’t annoying enough to ward off the others.

We’ve been teased that someone was going to die in this episode.  Well, the only one that it could possibly be is Lionel.  That is a shame because  John Glover brings allot of class and style to the show.  He is a great performer, and every scene he is in is riviting (even involving Lana).

I know they make it look like Chole could be dead, but that would be a horrible move.  Chloe is the one character that crosses demographics with her appeal.  The addition of her character into the Superman mythos is the best thing to come out of Smallville.

I am a little conflicted with the addtion of Bizarro.  Bizarro is the most recognizable character in Superman mythos for non-Comic book geeks (beside Lex Luthor & Zod) mainly because of the old Superfriends cartoon.  But, his character has always remained constant in the comics and cartoon incarnations.  For Smallville, they are going to have to depart from his traditional character so much, I hope it doesn’t seem too forced.

In all I was entertained, and am excited for next season.