Smallville’s Supergirl


supergirlLast night on Smallville we got to meet Kara, Superman’s cousin and our Supergirl. There was both good and bad.

Good: I thought that Laura Vandervoort did a good job playing Kara. That type of character is so often screwed up with poor acting, or with the actor not knowing the character well enough. Also, having Kara with her full powers, and still needing Clark to help her along was good storytelling.

The tongue-n-cheek is just enough to keep the character fun, with enough emotion to keep it grounded. It was a good introduction to the character, much better than evil-Kara.

Bad: Clark not being able to fly is really getting on my nerves. I know that Gough said, “no flight, no tights”, and doesn’t want to go back on that assertion. But now after having Flash, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter and now Supergirl with their full powers, it just seems silly. They even winked their eye at us with the discussion about flying between Clark and Kara.

Also, having Jor-El tell Kal-El that Kara is dangerous is also tired. Why can’t we just have interesting stories about Kara coping with her life on Earth, and her interaction with Clark? Also, after Kara tells Clark about how she hurts hearing of the destruction of Krypton, why wouldn’t he take her to his Fortress. It just doesn’t make sense.

Conclusion: In all, it was a solid episode, other than the new Chief who is awful young to be in that position (also, I wish Lana would have stayed dead). I am really looking forward to see how the Supergirl storyline continues.