Stargate SG-1: Dominion



Claudia Black, as Vala, gave an excellent performance in this one.  When Vala was first added to show, I did not like her at all.   This season, she has been the best part of the show.  Even though at times, Vala was the cheeziest part of the show, she has really become a great characater.

I really wish they would have spent more time with Ba'al (or whomever) occupying Adria's body.  It would be intersting to see how Ba'al intended to use his new powers and authority.  But I guess to have Ba'al not tell the Ori to stand down, it had to got this way.

 This was a very good episode, and I'm glad they've gotten better over the last few leading up to the finale.  But, with next week being the end, it seems so abrupt.  Seems like more should be happenning.  We shall see.