Susan Olsen inteview in 16 Magazine from 1977


The Brady Bunch is Back
The information in this article is over 20 years old, and cannot be considered current.
Susan Olsen - 16 Magazine

Susan may be the youngest Brady (“Cindy”) but she sure isn’t a baby anymore! This lovely, blonde teenager is quick, bright, and has a terrific sense of humor. Susan spent the last three years in public school in California. When the original Brady show was over, Susan’s mother suggested that she go to a private school- she was concerned about Susan’s ability to adjust to the social pressures of public school and she was equally concerned about the students’ reactions to celebrity Susan! But Susan would have no part of a private or a professional children’s school! Says Susan, “It was really strange. I had always gone back to public schools during the Brady Bunch hiatus, but it was grade school. And here I was in junior high, full time, and it was like I had to take a crash course in what kids were like and how to get them to like me- and how to get them to accept me as part of them.” Well accept her they did! Susan says that some of her friends can’t believe that she’s the star they see on television- after all, Susan’s so normal and everything!

“Everything” includes things like Susan’s fave hobby, horseback riding- so goes out every chance she gets. She also loves spending her free time listening to Emerson, Lake & Palmer and watching reruns of The Brady Bunch and Saturday Night Live. Her favorite color is pink and as far as food-faves go, she’ll eat anything- so long as it’s sweet! Susan’s a very pretty, pert 5’2″ tall and weighs 108 lbs, but the guys will have to wait a little longer for this charmer, because she can’t start dating (except in groups) until she’s 16! But leave it to Susan to see the bright side of that rule- “So far it’s been pretty good…and a great excuse for some of the not-so-nice guys who’ve asked me out. I’ll be 40 and saying, ‘No, no, I can’t date. My mom won’t let me!” Highly unlikely, but until then, Susan is concentrating on her work.

She was glad to see all the Bradys again-just like old times. “We went right back to the same old ‘inside’ jokes- Florence still saying ‘Gotta go now, my boat’s double-docked!’ But there was no ‘Remember when we did such and such’…it was nice and it seemed like the most natural thing.” Susan was a bit more nervous about her voice- she hadn’t done any serious singing for some time. But as it turned out, there was no need to worry – her singing and dancing were super! One day Donny Osmond reminded her of the hard work she was getting back into (Donny and the Bradys share a lot of the same production people, so they see each other often), and Susan answered, “I like to work hard when I feel I’m really accomplishing something. I don’t like to work hard in school!”

Susan hated algebra and never did well in French. One of her secret desires is to go back to her old grade school French teacher and show her the “A” she just got in Spanish! Bet you’ve had that feeling once or twice too!