Tell Me You Love Sonya Walger


sonya-walger.pngThis past fall, a show debuted on Showtime called “Tell Me You Love Me”. It was controversial because of the explicit depiction of sexuality, but my wife and I found it honest and interesting. It was well produced, and amazingly acted. One of the standouts was Carolyn, played by Sonya Walger of “Not Penny’s Boat” fame.

At first, it was difficult to remember where we had seen this actress before. She was always familiar, but on Lost I attributed that to her resemblance to Juliet. But we finally realized that this was the same actress we’d seen on numerous other shows.

Now Sonya is a semi-regular background character in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Though only is a couple of scenes, again she is pulling in a great performance. I hope that her character is featured in future episodes. With Lost, Tell Me You Love Me, and now Sarah Connor, Walger is slowing emerging into the TV viewer’s consciousness.