The Banana Splits are Back!


bsplitsThe Brothers Krofft’s first famous puppets, “The Banana Splits”, are coming back to the Cartoon Network. Variety gives us the information:

Hanna-Barbera’s 1960s phenom is returning in a multiplatform effort starting Sept. 2, with shorts and musicvideos airing on Cartoon Network and its website. Future efforts will include DVD and audio CD releases, as well as live performances.

Once in awhile we are treated to repeats of “The Banana Splits”, and my kids have really enjoyed it. The type of humor and style that was in “The Banana Splits” and the Krofft Shows have been missing from Saturday Morning. The manga-style entertainment is getting tiresome, and I think kids are ready for some old-school stuff.

I’m really looking forward to this, and I know my children are also. What do you think? Is the world ready for the splits to return?