The Forman Bunch Variety Show (Spoof)


From That 70’s Show
Air Date: October 10, 2000

Taped:January 18-19, 1977 at KTLA Studios
Cast: Kitty Foreman (Deborah Jo Rupp), Red Foreman (Kurtwood Smith), Eric Foreman (Topher Grace), Laurie Foreman (Lisa Robin Kelley), Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson), Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon), Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Fez (Wilmer Valderrama)
Guests: Shirley Jones, Charo, and Spiro Papadatos as “Gene Simmons”
Also appearing:Van Snowden, The Krofftettes and Water Follies

Amidst family bickering, the Foremans settle down together for an evening of television. Kitty has baked a Bundt Cake, and suggests they watch The Brady Bunch Variety Hour. Red snaps back by saying “Who the hell gave those people an entire hour!” Kitty brags that the Guest Stars are Charo and the rock band Kiss. The Foremans then start creating fictional episodes of The Brady Bunch in order to insult each other. Laurie storms out in anger followed by Eric and Steve, and Red leaves shouting “This show is crap!” Kitty then fantasizes about the Foremans having their very own Variety Show!

The Foreman Bunch opens its Variety Hour with a rendition of “I Got the Music In Me.” Eric and Steve inform their mom that they’ve decided to run away from home, Red leaves the stage cheering. In the meantime, Laurie is caught making out with Shields & Yarnell. Kitty wants to know who will take care of the boys and Shirley Jones appears. Eric and Steve reveal their intentions to become part of The Partridge Family, and “nail Susan Dey.” Shirley Jones explains to Kitty that the boys are leaving because she “chose to be a bad mother.” Laurie begs to join too but is rejected by Shirley Jones for being a “whore.” Charo then appears and annoys Kitty with her “hoochie coochie.”

Back in real life, Kitty vows that she won’t let the boys leave home, and laments “this show is crap!”

Later in the episode, a Gene Simmons impersonator has a cameo, and at the end Charo, Gene, and Kitty return to the Variety Hour and sing “Sunrise, Sunset.”