The Office Did It Again…


The OfficeThe Office did it again…and that’s not a good thing. In two weeks, they have reduced Michael Scott to a complete idiot. Kidnapping? Really? Was I the only one who saw a perfect out for Michael? The kid was going to take the pizza’s back! Nobody in the office wanted the pizza. They all heard the argument between Michael and the delivery boy, why didn’t they even suggest it?

After driving into the lake last week, and now this, ugh. Steve Carell is a better actor than that. This show should NOT be an hour long.

A bright spot in the episode was the Jim/Pam relationship (roof-pizza, joke on Dwight). Jim and Pam together as a couple is better than I expected. It’s giving us some nice comedic and dramatic moments in the show. Also, the Dwight/Angela [non]relationship is working well into the show. Now with Andy making his move, we should be in for some great moments.

I really love The Office, but one more week like this and it moves from must-see to if I have time.