The Osmonds Reunion Tour


osmondsDonnie and Marie, along with their brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay and Jimmy recently performed in Malaysia. This was the final concert for their 50th Anniversary world tour… the first time they had performed together in 28 years. An article at The Star Online has an interview, mainly with Marie. The Krofft show is discussed near the end of the article.

One would suspect that a sense of humour came in handy, particularly for Donny and Marie, when they had to don those ridiculous costumes for their variety show which aired from 1976 to 1979. The show created by Sid and Marty Krofft – the famed creators of offbeat television programs such as H.R. Pufnstuf and Land of the Lost – featured cutesy, fun and wholesome entertainment comprising an opening act, a series of comedy sketches and a closing musical number.

The world tour, which was the subject of a PBS special, was a moderate to huge hit around the world.

It was a grand show with 8,000 fans lapping up Osmond greats such as Let Me In, Love Me For a Reason, The Proud One and Crazy Horses; and Donny even causing some hysteria among the women in the crowd. “The tour has been fun. At first it was just supposed to be a tribute to my brothers but it ended up a celebration of everybody. We are really having fun being together. Even though we are grateful for all our fans all over the world, it has been fun for all seven of us to be on tour as we don’t get together as often as we’d like,” says Jimmy.

The Krofft variety shows are often forgotten as being part of their repertoire, but shouldn’t be forgotten. Sid and Marty Krofft were a big part of Donnie and Marie’s success, and as such should be credited as part of the reason that this reunion tour has happened.

Do you enjoy Donnie and Marie? What are your fondest memories of the variety show?