This weeks The Office was a waste of Steve Carell


The OfficeI believe The Office to be one of the best TV comedies ever to be shown on American television. Last night, they took the stupidity to far. Not since Ryan’s initiation in the beet field has something so utterly stupid occurred. Of course, I am talking about Micheal driving into the lake and subsequent trashing of the client’s office.

The show has always had its silly side, but they took it too far. Micheal is not an idiot, and today they made him one. To be true to his character, he should have had some small bit of success, and acted as if it was huge. Remember, they’ve shown us time and time again that no matter what his faults are, Micheal is a good salesman.

Maybe it’s because they stretched a half-hour episode into an hour. I don’t know, but I hope they do not do this again. Micheal deserves more.