Thoughts on Ferrell’s Land of the Lost


lotlI have to admit that although I am a life-long fan of Sid and Marty Krofft, “Land of the Lost” is my least favorite of their shows. So many of my friends only knew LOTL while I was in love with Lidsville, Sigmund and others. I’ve had mixed feelings about the upcoming movie , but any Krofft is good Krofft.

At an article over at MovieWeb, something caught my attention.

Land of the Lost’s target audience? Boo! I came to a shocking realization the other day. The target audience for Will Farrell’s upcoming big screen version of Land of the Lost have no clue that there was ever a 1974 Saturday morning version of the show. Who cares if there are DVDs to prove it? They haven’t seen them. The majority of kids in the 5-25 year old age range, the ones that will be going to see this movie on its opening night, have never seen a real Sleestak. They aren’t familiar with Marshal, Will, or Holly. Or their Routine expedition. Or that kickass theme song. How did I discover this? I was with a large group of college students between the ages of 19 and 22, and the subject of Land of the Lost came up. They seemed excited about the prospects of a Will Farrell version until I started describing the show, and talking about the Sleestaks. “The Slee-whats?” One of the kids asked me. I explained. They just sat there with blank expressions. Then one of them said, “I like the part where the Jeep Cherokee goes into the ground.” Jeep? Cherokee? What the nuggets? The girl started singing the theme song, and it was then that I realized…These kids know Land of the Lost only as a 1991 remake that featured the Porter family. At it’s a shame. Because all of the ideas and aspects seen in that version of the show are going to be abandoned by Farrell and company. This is the official turning of the flame. Our pop culture doesn’t belong to us anymore.

There are a couple of things here. First, I don’t believe that this new movie will have anything to do with the either previous version of LOTL. Like it or not, this is a Will Ferrell comedy vehicle. Nothing else. Will recently said that he goes after scripts that “make me laugh”. So, we’re going to get an over the top comedy, not LOTL. Remember, the originals may have been campy, but Will doesn’t do camp, he does slapstick.

Secondly, this movie would NEVER survive by simply catering to nostalgia. There aren’t enough of us Krofft-fans out there. If there were, Krofftville would have succeeded. Yeah, in a time before “Jurassic Park”, simply having dinosaurs in a movie would have guaranteed success. But now, audiences want more. Most of the tickets will be sold to Will Ferrell fans.

I can only hope that the movie will succeed, and maybe, just maybe we’ll get a real remake of Bugaloos or Pufnstuf.