Tom Cruise as Captian Pike in the new Star Trek?


Over at IGN, they are reporting from a "trusted source" that JJ Abrams is in talks to play Spock's first boss, Captain Pike.

Again, we stress that Abrams is said to only be talking to Cruise at this point; that doesn't mean Cruise will actually agree to do it. And just so you know, Cruise's camp balked at our March scoop for the comedy Men, which Variety confirmed last month. Cruise's last big-screen cameo was in Austin Powers in Goldmember.


As wild as it seems at first, this makes allot of sense.  JJ Abrams knows that he needs to really shake up Star Trek if this new film is going to succeed, no better way than a high profile A-lister like Cruise.

You can't have any big names playing Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, but Pike is different.  We really never got to know him, and we won't be comparing him to the original as we will undoubtly do with the principal characters.

I really hope this is true, and if so, that Abrams/Paramount doesn't keep it quiet.  I think that a Cruise cameo would give new recognition to a once great franchise.