“Torchwood”…3 Seasons and out?


captjackThe 2nd series of “Torchwood” ended very dramatically, and poised itself to make major changes for series 3. Now it seems that it may also be the last. Torchwood TV is reporting:

OK… A few weeks ago this blog was abuzz with the rumors posted by “BBCINSIDER.” He/she said the following: “It seems that cos of JBs hectic schedule – Torchwood has finished for now in its present state. What will be filmed however, and later than normal, are 5 stand alone episodes. AND THEN THAT WILL BE IT !!!”

They go to point out that this is only a rumor, and it appears that John Barrowman has signed on and only five episodes will be produced. With “Doctor Who” having a 3-special ’season’ in 2009, a 5-episode season for “Torchwood” isn’t strange. It would be a shame for “Torchwood” to burn out after only 2.5 seasons.

Yes, “Torchwood” has it issues as any show does, but collectively it is a terrific show. Especially when viewed in context with “Doctor Who”, both “Torchwood” and “The Sarah Jane Adventures” bookend nicely. I really hope that they keep this around.

What do you think of a short series 3? Should “Torchwood” stay around?