TROOPS, Ten Years Later


mcf_troops.jpgIt took me days to download TROOPS, but it was worth it. In a day without YouTube, when computers were for geeks only, TROOPS was special. Funny and well written, everyone loved it.

The host of TROOPS, TheForceNet has a “10 Years Later” interview with the director, Kevin Rubio.

I don’t think most people ever plan on being the first in anything. I like to think that, as with TROOPS, it happens by accident more often than we realize. And while I have done other things in the entertainment industry, including the up coming new series: THE CLONE WARS, But TROOPS is still by far my most recognized and well known contribution in the world of entertainment. And I think it is so because so many other talented people contributed to it.

I’m told that TROOPS inspired a lot of people to make their own film of “fan film”, and that I’m happy to share in the thanks and blame for that. but I’ve always though that the medium of film is at its best when there is a collaboration between many talented individuals – each adding to the whole, making it better than it was before.

TROOPS is one of those things I remember seeing for the first time, almost as vividly as the actual Star Wars movie. If you’ve never seen TROOPS, go on over to TFN and watch (it won’t take 2 days anymore 😉 ). And remember, this was done 10 years ago. The “first” of the fan-films, and I believe still the best.