“True Blood” Episode News


sookieBack in March we discussed HBO’s project to bring the Sookie Stackhouse series to the small screen, “True Blood”. At IO9.com they have some information on episodes 2, 3 and 4. Episode 2 is described as:

“The First Taste”. Sookie suspects Bill is behind the murders of the people who almost ended her life; Tara deals with family matters; and a new church threatens the vampire world.

I’ve not read the series of books, but it is on my list after reading the comments from the last post. HBO nearly always delivers with its original series, and I hope that this one is no different. The premise is exciting and the reviews of the source material are great. I believe that the series will debut September 8th, 2008 on HBO.

Those of you who have read the books, does the synopsis match your expectations? What themes are you looking for to most accurately transfer from book to screen?