Updates from “The Office”


steveThere are several updates coming out in regards to the new season of “The Office”. A guest-star from last year is returning, and the main man is staying for the long haul.

Popcrunch reports that Amy Ryan is returning:

Amy Ryan, the Oscar nominated actress who had the meaty role as Michael Scott’s love interest on last season’s finale of The Office, is set to appear again on the series this fall.

Also, TVGasm is reporting Steve Carell is back:

Steve Carell has signed on for at least three more years of playing Michael Scott in The Office.

There is no doubt that keeping Carell is essential to the continued success of “The Office”. He is the core of the ensemble cast, and without him, it would become a different show altogether. Amy Ryan’s character was good, but I’ll miss Toby.

Toby (played by executive producer and writer Paul Lieberstein) was originally not supposed to be a foreground character. As with much of the supporting cast, Lieberstein is a writer on the show. Because his character was loved by the studio, he was thrust further into the foreground.

Holly is an interesting character, and her interactions with Kevin in the finale were terrific. Are you happy to see Holly back? Will you miss Toby?