U.S. to get full supersized “Doctor Who” finale


journeysIt’s been reported earlier this week that this years finale of “Doctor Who” was clocking in at 65 minutes long. Speculation started that The SciFi Channel would, as usual, chop the episode to fit in the usual time limit. IO9 is reporting that SciFi is (finally) thinking of the fans.


The massive 65-minute season finale of time-travel drama Doctor Who, “Journey’s End,” will not be edited when it appears on the Sci Fi Channel in August. Sci Fi Channel reps tell io9 that the episode will appear as a 90-minute special instead, which means that whatever happens to make you bawl like a baby (according to writer Russell T. Davies) will have its full impact.

I was only slightly worried about SciFi cutting the show, as with modern internet technologies, the full version is only a few clicks away. But, I give credit to The SciFi Channel for keeping the show intact and giving fans the full production.

I’ve enjoyed this season of “Doctor Who”, and still find it difficult to stay away from spoilers (as the BBC version airs a couple of weeks ahead). My whole family will miss The Doctor while they take most of 2009 off, but it’s great to have the series air in the U.S. close to the BBC airdate.

Also, don’t miss the question and answer session with showrunner Russell T Davies.

Have you been happy with this season? Is Tennant still the best of the ‘new’ Doctors?