USA Kills Dead Zone and 4400


The Dead ZoneI used to absolutely love The Dead Zone and The 4400 was a must see for me the first 1.5 seasons. I admit I haven’t watched it in awhile, I just haven’t felt the urgency. Well, according to Ausiello, they’ve both been canceled.

Yep, per multiple sources, the much-discussed Armageddon came early to Dead Zone — so early, in fact, that the show’s last episode aired… gee, back in September. What turned out to be the 4400’s series finale aired the same night.

What concerns me is that they were canceled after the season ended. When I get around to actually watching the rest of the episodes (on DVD), I’m disappointed that they won’t have a complete ending. If the endings weren’t completed as proper series finales, hopefully USA will give them a TV movie/mini-series to end it.