V – ABC is going to ruin it


V - The OriginalThe first 4 episodes of the new “V” has aired. How does it stack up to the original? I say, “great”. But why take 3 months off?!?!

Let’s take a beloved classic television event and remake it with popular television actors, and update the story to be more relevant to todays world. Then, just as it’s getting off the ground, let’s take it off the air for 3 months including February Sweeps. Yeah, let’s do that. That’s smart…really smart….not!. This seems more like a Fox move than ABC (re: Firefly, Dollhouse, etc). Most people will forget about “V” by the time it comes back around. Fail.

It started off great and took a few episodes to hit its stride. Yes, it is very annoying that the ‘visitors’ are call “The V’s”. Very stupid. “V is for victory”…remember? The only character I’m not to happy with is Georgie. I don’t know if it’s the actor or the character, but I cringe when he is on the screen. This should be more pivotal, but is merely filling a gap to bring the 3 main resistance fighters together. He’s no Mike Donavan or Ham Tyler.

Speaking of Mike Donavan. Scott Wolf’s character (Chad Decker) needs more development. We expect his journey to be the same as Marc Singer’s in the original, so you have to give us more development pre-rebel. The focus can’t constantly be on Erica.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Erica) is performing terrific as the lead of the series. Her character is very believable and fits well with Ryan and Father Jack. When it comes to Erica, we are seeing way too much of her son. I understand the parallels to the original with the recruitment of Tyler, but there is too much. It doesn’t help that Logan Huffmann (Tyler) and Laura Vandervoort (Lisa) are not the best performers. Laura seems to be playing the same character she played on Smallville without the super powers.

Father Jack (Joel Gretsch) is also a great character. His journey is and will be interesting to watch. The priest in the original was a supporting player, but I like that he was made a main character here. It’s more interesting.

ABC V Pilot 3.JPGAnna (Morena Baccarin) and the other top Visitors are played well. I like that they are playing them ‘wooden’; it makes it more believable. The ‘just like us’ mannerisms of the original series would have been a little campy.

The 5th Column is handled well. Ryan (Morris Chestnut) is a believable character, and I like how they mixed the themes of 5th column and crossbreeding from the original into this single character. He is played strongly, and I see him as a recruiter for Chad Decker.

In all, “V” started out strong, and is really just hitting the mark to be a great series. Too bad ABC is giving is treating it so badly. I hope it survives.