Vampire Diaries Premier


vampireLast night, the new CW series The Vampire Diaries began its bid to capitalize on the latest teen vampire fad. Based on a series of books by the same name, it’s the story of a small town girl who meets an ancient ‘good’ vampire on the first day of school. Sound a little familiar?

Now to be fair, Vampire Diaries pre-date Twilight by more than 10 years and Buffy by at least 1/2 a decade. This gives me respect for the source material, and the desire to give the show a chance. I haven’t read the novels, but will definitely put it on my list.

The TV show is already better than the Twilight movie. The acting, although very ‘WB-like’, is much better than the over-emo performances in Twilight (which I believe was the directors fault, not the actors). But make no mistake, this is more One Tree Hill than Buffy.

The Good:
I’ve already mentioned the acting. Even though the script seemed like a Party of Five episode, the actors showed range and maturity. I’ve come to expect poor acting on CW shows (I’m looking at you Smallville), but most of the leads gave good performances (especially for a pilot). Also, the look of the show is appealing. Instead of going for the dark brooding atmosphere all of the time, they do give you a more realistic setting. I can’t say much on the story, as it was just a pilot, and merely set the tone of the series.

The Bad:
Did they have to make the characters so much like Twilight characters? As much as I like the cast, the look they have seems directly pulled from the Twilight film. It was distracting as it constantly reminded me of the film.
Maybe it is because I was such an Angel fan, but the ‘ring that allows vampires out in the day light’ bothered me; it’s a crutch. I’m not sure if it was in the novels, so I won’t be too harsh. Maybe it will be better explained, and not a cheap plot device.
All of those things can be excused. The one thing that can’t be excused is why so much damn music? Nearly every scene had background music…again…distracting. The royalties for the music in this episode must have been 1/2 the budget. I know it is a signature of TheCW (leftover from TheWB), but this was excessive. I hope this practice ends.

The pilot was good enough to get me to give the show a chance. I’m curious to see how it does in comparison to how Smallville did in the slot in the past. I’m on for at least 2 more episodes.