We have Deadpool


reynolds.jpgDeadpool is one of those comic characters that you’ve heard of, but may not know who he is. Marvel is stocking up the new Wolverine movie with other characters.

Reynolds is perfect for the wisecracking anti-hero. His personality in Blade 3 was close to being Deadpool. He’s shows that he has acting talent, and he can handle action. I can’t think of any better actor (this generation).

With this news, as well as the news that Sam Jackson will be playing Nick Fury in Hulk and Iron Man, it proves that Marvel has learned how to bring comics to film. They are doing exactly what the comics do…introducing new characters in other franchises before launching their own title. They tried with Electra/Daredevil, and it almost worked (had they spent more time on Electra).

Watch out D.C., Marvel knows what it’s doing.