What Ever Happend To Rusty Miller?


jedimasterIn 1982 we all wanted to be Rusty Miller. He was only 11 years old, and he had an authorized LucasFilm book, “The Jedi Master’s Quizbook”. I was 11 myself at the time, and had my own “quizbook” that I had roughly put together with my friend Doug. It was a rough compilation of questions we asked each other to try to stump one another. But Rusty had his published. Star Wars was a huge part of every 11 to 15 year old boys life in the early 80s.

One would think that Rusty Miller, now in 36/37 years old, would be an Internet celebrity geek for his early success. When the “Star Wars Page at Texas A&M” debuted (now theforce.net, it was the most popular (and nearly only) website for Star Wars fans. I would have expected Rusty to flock to it, to be found by leagues of fans who at one time wanted to be him. Also, when “the prequels” finally were released, what an opportunity to develop yet another quizbook and capitalized on previous fame. But Rusty is still unknown.

Where is Rusty Miller? He doesn’t even have a wikipedia entry. He was to the 1980s fandom as Kevin Rubino was to the 1990s. Rusty, where are you?

My post inspired another post, and eventually StarWars.com found Rusty!.