marshalwilenhollyOver at Land Of The Lost.Com there is a report about a familiar name being used in the upcoming Kevin Smith movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Now it might not be as good as hearing that the Land of the Lost movie is being made, but it’s a close second. It seems there is a movie in the works entitled “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” written and directed by Kevin Smith, best known for his movies “Mallrats” and and “Clerks”.

The movie stars everyone from George Carlin to Mark Hamill, Will Ferrel to Chris Rock and it is Will Farrel’s character that led me to post this seemingly non LOTL topic on the site.

You see, Will plays a federal wildlife Marshall named Wilenholly, in a tribute to Land of the Lost. Click here to learn more about the movie and hear Will explain in Real Audio why he picked the name!