Why Can’t I Buy Reaper Online? (Update-Now I Can)


reaperUPDATE: Well, it appears that Reaper has been added to iTunes. I wonder why it took so long.

———————-ORIGINAL POST—————————-

So, I had a TIVO malfunction at the beginning of the season, and I didn’t record Reaper. I’ve looked, and I can’t find it for purchase anywhere online. Why is this?

When are studios going to wise up and give the public what they want. Why make exclusive deals? Why not give the most people the most opportunity to view/buy your content. I just don’t get it.

Now Reaper is no longer on my to-watch list…because I can’t watch it. Someone please explain this stupidity to me.

Why can’t I get it on iTunes? Why can’t I get it on Amazon Unbox? (not that I would) How come I can’t watch the pilot on The CW website? Why limit the time it is available?