Will Ferrell “Land of the Lost” Interview


lotl90Over at The MTV Movies Blog there is a new interview with LOTL‘s Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. The interview is a big joke, but MTV does manage to get one thing out of them.

Despite their (quite literal) smoke screen, we did manage to get Ferrell to spill actual facts about which of the show’s classic characters will be coming to the big screen. “The [dimension-opening] pylons are in the movie, [Altrusian castaway] Enik is in the movie, and the Sleestaks too, but we couldn’t get Chaka,” Will teased.

Again, I have tired of the Will Ferrell brand of humor over the last few years, and I am not looking forward to seeing it in my beloved “Land of the Lost”. But, at least we get a LOTL movie. I still hope that we get more “Stranger Than Fiction” Ferrell than “Talladega Nights” Ferrell.