Will Ralph Hinkley Get A Cameo?

The Greatest American Hero
The Greatest American Hero
The Greatest American Hero

Look at what happening to William Katt! News is out that former cast members will be getting a cameo in the upcoming “The Greatest American Hero” movie. Cinematical has this:

According to MTV, Connie Sellecca says that the famous trio — her, Katt, and the splendid Robert Culp, have all received offers for cameos in the remake. Whether they take Stephen J. Cannell up on the offer remains to be seen. But at least that’s something. In the meantime, there’s also a comic book and animated webisodes on the way, so Katt-style Ralph is far from finished.

MTV has an excellent article discussing the upcoming movie, comics and webisodes. Also, there is an interview with the trio.

Greatest America Hero is my all-time favorite television superhero show. It was great for its time, and still holds up today. Robert Culp, William Katt, and Connie Sellecca were terrific, and for years after I absorbed anything they were involved in simply because it was them. Having the old cast make cameos is a great nod to the fans, and I’m excited.

What are your expectations for the new movie? Do we have to have the Joe Scarbury song?