witchiepooYes thats right, Billie Hayes (AKA WITCHIEPOO, Weenie the Geenie) is auctioning off her wand and shoes for her Pet Hope organization. The auction which was to have started on October 20 and go throught October 30 has not yet begun, but will soo according to Billies webmaster.

We have run into a snag with the e-bay group. Because it is an auction for charity, there is more paper work than normal to fill out. The guys at Yesterdayland.com are running the auction and will tell me via e-mail when it is ironed out. I will post a link directly to the items on Billie Hayes’ site and also Jack Wild’s site.

Billie Hayes is auctioning off her Magic Wand and Witchiepoo Boots – her personal mementos – from her wonderful starring role as Witchiepoo on H.R. Pufnstuf.

Billie didn’t want to part with them, she’d hung on to them for over thirty years.

This auction is for Pet Hope, and every penny of the money will help find homes for abandoned and abused animals